The 3 MOST IMPORTANT lessons I’ve learnt about dieting and weight loss, By Luke Wardle

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  1. To lose body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit period. You need to eat less calories than your body needs. To live a normal life though this is hard. You want to be able to go out for dinner, have a couple of glasses of wine and socialise every now and again like normal people right?? So to help keep your calories in check while still being able to enjoy a meal with your friends you need to take control of the meals that you can take control of. To help reduce your weekly calories count, I suggest having 3 days of eating only protein and vegetables to really lower your calorie intake. Keeping your calories low on a those days will balance out the days you go out for dinner or over indulge a little. This method is a lot easier to maintain long term than just trying to stick to a certain amount of calories every day because you won’t feel so deprived.
  2. Eat 2g of protein to every kg of your body weight and spread the intake out over the whole day. This is an important one for those in a calorie deficit. Eating more protein helps minimise the amount of muscle that you could lose while in a calorie deficit. It is important to consume protein throughout the day because merle protein synthesis only lasts about 3 hours after the time of consumption so if you spread the protein intake out over 5 or 6 meals it’ll stimulate more protein synthesis (. Try and have 20-30g in each serving. Failure to do this will likely mean you can attribute a 1/4 of your weight loss to a loss of muscle and you will now have a lower metabolic rate and your body will require less calories. Protein also has a thermic effect which means your body expands more energy breaking it down.
  3. Choose foods you like to eat. Is ‘no alcohol’ for a month something thats going to help you lose or maintain weight over the long term? Is ‘no processed foods’ something you can realistic do for the rest of your life in this day and age? Is eating 30g of carbs a day so that you’re in ketosis sound like much fun? Can you really go without a slice of bread forever? Research says short term restriction diets don’t work long term. You need to include foods that you like or you won’t stick to it for very long. A diet that you can’t stick to is pointless. Choose foods you like and enjoy a meal out or a couple of beers every now and again and you’ll be well on your way to being lean and happy.

Lets Recap
– Eat less calories than what your body needs and try to have 3 strict days a week so you can still have a social life
– Eat 2g of protein per kg of body weight to minimise the amount of muscle loss, maintain muscle or potentially gain muscle while in a calorie deficit
– Eat foods you like and don’t deprive yourself and you’ll have a better chance of sticking to the plan long term

Luke Wardle is an Exercise Scientist and Director of Legion Fitness Living.

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