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The Art of Working Hard with a High Intensity

As a society, we are soft. Proper exercise at a high intensity is hard work and can hurt. Many do not truly know what hard work and dedication are. Most have been misled by mainstream crap (for some reason an ecliptic machine popped in my thoughts in conjunction with the word “crap”). The lost art of working hard and exuding discipline has been lost. Most seek the easy way out thinking doing anything leads to at least some benefit. That is somewhat true, but low effort ultimately results in sub-par results.

• Work hard = maximum results

• Work half-as-hard = less-than-maximum results

Here’s the point, even though I am stating the obvious, it remains fact:

• If you eat like crap and don’t train hard, you’ll become a fat-ass.

• If you eat like crap and train reasonably, you will plateau.

• If you clean up your eating and don’t train hard, you will see some improvement, but not as optimal as it could be.

• If you clean up your eating and have the highest intensity possible in training, you’ll maximize your potential and look physically as good as you can.

Whatever that is, it will happen. Be proud of it.

I’ve never had anyone say to me, “Hey, Coach Kelso, I’ve been busting my butt and eating like a champion, yet I’ve seen minimal results.”

Here is what that television program should have included:

• If you eat like crap and don’t exercise, expect to accumulate body fat and possess a sub-par physique.

• A demonstration of effective calorie-burning and muscle-building exercises without the perpetuation of the mid-section spot-reduction myth.

• Tips for making small, yet positive changes in food intake and increasing activity level. Believe it or not, eating better and initiating some type of activity is a huge step for many.

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