Do Carbs Cause You to Gain Weight?

No, no, no, no, NO!!

If you eliminate carbs from your diet, studies have shown that more serious side effects such increasing your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. We should choose healthier carbs that are whole grain, and limit the ones with little or no nutritional value such as processed carbs eg corn syrup.


– High in fiber which lowers your cholesterol.
– High in nutrients.
– Provides a stable energy level without spiking your glucose levels.
– Boosts metabolism and actually helps you lose fat.


When you are looking for healthy carbohydrates, look for the unprocessed (or very little processed) carbs. Foods that have little or no alteration from their natural state are essential to your health.

Processed carbs, such as the baked goodies, lollies, chocolate, etc in the supermarket, have all of the healthy nutrients and fibre removed during their processing. The problem with these carbs is that the human body does not process them well. In fact, these types can cause spikes in blood sugar which can lead to diabetes. They also provide almost no nutritional value and are considered empty calories. Other diseases that are linked to processed carb consumption include cancer and heart disease.

The following processed carbohydrates should be limited to only occasional consumption:
Most baked goods
Soft drinks
Snack foods
White breads and white pastas

Eating too few carbohydrates can cause low energy levels, digestive problems and deprive your body of beneficial nutrients. Some of the problems that people have from not consuming enough carbs are headaches, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, grumpiness constant muscle aches. There are more serious consequences as bad carbs are thought to be the cause of kidney stones, higher risk of cancer and heart disease.

Limiting highly processed carbs is what you should be focusing on. Cutting out good carbs can be detrimental for your body and actually make you gain weight instead of lose it. Nutritionists and health professionals recommend cutting out processed carbs while being careful not to cut down on good carbs too much.

A healthy diet must include some carbohydrates. If you obsessively cut your carb consumption it can backfire and defeat your diet plans. Focus on cutting out the bad carbs and replacing with good carbs.

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