LFL 100km Challenge 2017

In June 2017, 33 Legionaries accepted the challenge to run 100km in 33 days. For Alia, Anthony, Caro, Celia, Deb, Dom, Jess, Jill, Josh, Kat, Lindy, Louise, Luke, Nick, Yasmin, Shenaz, Tony, Mary, Phill, Des, Kelley, Millie, Thea, Tiff, Mustafa, Egor, Vicki, Graham, Adam, Simon and Lydia the goal was simple. Run 100km between June 5th and July 7th 2017.

Most of the participants were based here in Sydney but there were also some scattered ex Legionnaires that have moved abroad that accepted the challenge. This made for some great pictures that participants took while out running. Des who recently moved to Barbados captured this family of monkeys on one of his runs.

Here are some other pictures from abroad in Chicago, Miami, Orange, Kiama, London, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii and Melbourne among some Sydney photos captured by Legionnaires in their pursuit of 100km.

Together, we managed to run over 2500km and 20 of us managed to reach the 100km in time. As most of us do very little long distance running, it was a fantastic achievement by all.

Luke Wardle is an Exercise Scientist and Director of Legion Fitness Living.

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